My article "Keep your pets safe this season" -published in the local SE23 Magazine

Published on 14 December 2016

Keep your pets safe this season

written by Around Dulwich


With the festive season just around the corner we are all busy planning how we are going to celebrate, have fun and spoil our loved ones – including our pets.

It is a time of year when our home is bursting with family and friends, fancy decorations and treats, which can be overwhelming for our pets.

Try to keep your pets’ eating and exercise habits as close to normal during the festivities as you can, and follow these few steps to ensure they are kept safe:

The Christmas tree

The best place to put a Christmas tree is in a corner, tied with fishing wire to secure it, preventing it being knocked over by your dog or pulled down by your cat.

Electrical safety

To prevent any accidental electrocutions, exposed indoor or outdoor wires should be taped to the wall or the sides of the house.

Poisonous foods and plants

Holly, mistletoe, poinsettia plants, grapes, raisins, sweets, liquorice, chocolate… Keep them well out of the way of your pets’ reach. Don’t be tempted to share chocolate with your dog, it contains Theobromine, a chemical very toxic to pets. Cats are even more sensitive to Theobromine poisoning than dogs!

Fire safety

Burning candles should be placed on high shelves or mantels, out of your pets’ way – there’s no telling where a wagging tail may end up. Homes with fireplaces should use screens to avoid accidental burns.

Gift wrapping

Be sure to keep your pet away. Wrapping paper, string, plastic, or cloth when swallowed can cause intestinal blockages. Scissors are another hazard, and they should be kept off floors or low tables.

Outside the home

When walking your dog in freezing weather, be mindful of his paws. Frosty grass and salt grit can cause contact dermatitis. Wash your dog’s feet after a walk, to keep them clean and healthy.

But remember, most of these dangers are easily avoidable. Christmas is a time for fun and enjoyment, and apart from a well-deserved and needed grooming session, a new cosy bed, a jumper, toy or warm blanket the best present you can give them is your time, attention and love.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sylvie Marks, owner of Waggy Wagon, mobile dog grooming salon.

Saturday 5th November 2016

It's been a very busy week. Sign writing for Waggy Wagon is finally done.  I am really happy with it. Thanks to Gregory Signs for doing a great job, guiding me through the process,  helping with the artwork and layout.  People see it and smile. I was stuck in a traffic jam this morning and the lady in the car next to me asked me for a business card. It's catching people's attention for sure!

Waggy Wagon with signwriting

Also, my ad and article on grooming just came out in the November issue of the local SE23 Magazine!  Thanks to editor, Angela Burgess for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself and my company to the local community.  I have had a few bookings from it already, it's all very encouraging. 

My poor husband , Bruce has also had his fair share of Waggy duties. My new electric grooming table arrived from Christies Direct and it didn't fit in my van! The H-bar was just too high. So Bruce redesigned the bracket system and had it made&fitted in the space of only one afternoon! He has supported my through the entire start up period, and I admire his enthusiasm, positive outlook and calm personality.  Without him I would be so lost! 

Then I managed to lock the van keys in the back. I didn't realise that once you close the doors you cannot open them again without a key! There we were with the van parked up, my bag, house keys etc all locked in. 
My  six year old came to the rescue. Luckily he loves climbing. We put him on the roof and he climbed in through the roof light and saved the day! It's handy to be so small sometimes. 

I am absolutely loving being my own boss. And can't believe how lucky I am to be able to work with dogs- I am living my dreams. Bookings are rolling in and life is good.

Here is to many more Waggy customers!