Services and Prices

Bath & Tidy

From £30

Great for dogs who need just a bath to maintain healthy looking coat, or in between the Full Groom sessions. Includes a warm hydro bath, use of an all natural luxury shampoo & coat conditioner and 15 mins brushing. 

Nail & Ear Package


If it's just the tips and the toes that need some attention, try  the Nail & Ear Package. This includes nail clipping, ear cleaning and a dose of fragrant spray.


£30/ hr

Some breeds of dog need to be hand stripped at least twice a year. Price dependent on breed, temperament and length of stripping process. £30/hr. 

Puppy Package


Suitable for puppies six months or younger, this specialist grooming package offers a bath and brush, nail clipping, ear clean, a foot and facial trim and a spritz of fragrant spray. Recommended once every 6 weeks. This will get them used to being handled by the groomer and ensure future appointments are stress free.

The Full Groom

From £42

The Full  Groom package includes a pre-bath groom, warm water hydro bath & blow dry with styling, ear cleaning and nail clipping. The use of organic shampoo, a coat re-moisturising deep conditioner and a spritz of fragrant spray is complementary with this package. Flea bath /tick removal is an extra £10/5. 

Price guide:
Small breeds from £42-45
Medium breeds from £45-55
Large breeds from £55-65
Extra-large breeds from £65-80

Price dependent on the breed, size and coat condition. Badly matted dogs and those with a difficult temperament will be charged according the extra time required to complete the groom.